Mesa IANDS Event

This Friday, Jan 11th, we will be having Lono Ho’ala as our guest speaker.

He is an author of several books and   Lono Live: Experience of Life After Death  
Lono Ho’ala crossed over into a “river of light” during his near-death experience from accidental electrocution.
Later he was recognized by Hawaiian Mo’o natives and ordained as a Hawaiian kahuna priest.
The Mo’o are the remnants of a nearly forgotten people who thrived before an invasion from Tahiti in 1,250 AD that destroyed their enlightened, loving culture and replaced it with the bloodthirsty reign of the Ali’i kings.
You will learn from Lono’s NDE, and also the wisdom of the Mo’o culture founded upon a system of insight they called Ho’ala Huna meaning “The Secret Knowledge of That Which Is Real”
People who hear the message are often stunned by its simplicity, clarity, and instantly recognize its universal value. 

This should be a fascinating, out of the ordinary presentation.  

When:  Friday, Jan 11, 2013 @ 7:00pm
Cost: Love Offering
Where: Unity Church of Mesa, 2700 E. Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85204


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